Our trip to Dublin was an incredible experience. We did a lot of things, for example, we visited museums, cathedrals, and many bridges … There were green spaces everywhere! The most beautiful place we were in was Howth, a picturesque town in the coast of Ireland, where we went on an amazing cliff walk.


The weather was cold and it sometimes rained, but it could have been worse. The host families, in general, were good and cooked well. We tried different types of meals, especially potatoes and chips with all kinds of flavours like onion or cheese. We bought souvenirs in a typical Irish shop called “Carrolls”. We went to the academy every day and learnt about Irish culture and a lot of grammar.


We recommend all the students to go on this trip because it is a great opportunity to learn and practice English.


And finally, we want to say thanks to the teachers that came with us, Ruth and César. They were the best company.

We will remember this great experience for all our lives!