I have seen her every day for two weeks. In the rural area where I live, the houses are very far from each other but we and our neighbours are the exception. The house of this woman is close to mine and I can see the window of her room very well from my bed.


About a week ago, I realized she was watching me from her window. There was not much light in the room. This did not allow me to see the woman clearly. I could see her there, moving slowly from side to side, back and forth. Suddenly, she came out of the darkness and I could see her sinister smile. She looked like a ghost. In fact, she does not cause me fear but she makes me angry. Nowadays, my parents are on a business trip but I could not stand to see her there, looking at me all the time. For this reason, I decided to go to see the woman yesterday. I had to tell her to stop doing this because it was so uncomfortable for me.


When I went to her house, the door was open. I rang the bell but I did not receive a reply so I decided to go inside. Firstly, I walked carefully through the corridors and all the rooms of the house except one, the room where I had seen her for many days. I waited at the door. Then, I took courage and I went inside screaming and complaining. At that moment, I saw the fan on the ceiling. The light was off. I could appreciate the silhouette of that woman. Finally, I could see it clearly. She was hanging, she was dead.

Ana Ahijado Villalba 4º A