-I will tell you something about your parents but then I’ll have to kill you – someone tells me pointing up with a gun.

-No, no, no!

I wake up…Fucking nightmare! About one month dreaming of the same. I don’t know who the person that appears in it is. I only remember her eyes, her beautiful eyes, they attract me, I can’t avoid it. I am going to have breakfast or I will be late for highschool. I take my backpack and I go out.

-Bye grandma!

I’m walking fast, I don’t have time to lose. I feel that someone is chasing me, it is a girl with long blond hair. I speed up.

-Hi! -shouts -Izhan?

-I turn around- How do you know my name- I tell her.

-I was waiting for you

-What? Who are you? – I approach her, she has got very beautiful eyes, they are captivating, they are green.

-I want to tell you something…


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