Esta vez no fue “Welcome to the Jungle”, sino más bien “Welcome to the Heaven”… Tan cerca y a veces tan desconocido, nuestro alumnos de 4º de ESO saborearon un pedacito de historia de Toledo junto con el Departamento de Geografía e Historia, dentro de las actividades con visitas guiadas que promueve la Diputación de Toledo. A continuación, os dejamos con las reflexiones de varias de nuestras reporteras más dicharacheras, algunas de ellas bilingües, de modo que… ¡ánimo con el idioma!  🙂

Judith Cuadrado (4ºA):

“El martes 28 de marzo el Departamento de Historia del instituto realizó una excursión a Toledo, donde una guía nos acompañó por los rincones y diferentes lugares que vimos. Pienso que la visita estuvo muy bien, porque muchas de las historias que nos iban contando nos sorprendían o nunca las habíamos escuchado, sobre todo las leyendas.

Este tipo de excursiones me gustan porque a la misma vez que aprendes cosas nuevas te diviertes. Sí me hubiera gustado que incluso nos hubiese hecho más preguntas la guía al finalizar, pero lo importante es que tanto mis compañeros como yo nos lo pasamos muy bien y aprendimos muchas cosas, que de eso se trataba la excursión”.

María Escalonilla (4ºC):

“The last 28th of March, all the groups from 4º ESO went on a trip to Toledo, organized by the Geography and History Department, which consisted in a guided visit around the streets of the city. Why are they special? Because they are full of hidden mysteries and legends no one can’t see at first sight!

Our trip started at 8:30 in the morning, we took a bus from the high school to Toledo, it was a fast and pleasant journey. As we arrived soon to the city, the teachers decided to take us to “El Valle” before getting out of the bus. While we were enjoying the wonderful landscapes, Rodolfo told us some curious stories about the different places we were seeing. After taking some pictures, we got on the bus again to go to “La Puerta de Bisagra” where our guided tour started. We divided into two groups with two guides in order to make everything easier. Then, our guide told us a little introduction of what we were going to do and we went inside “La Puerta de Bisagra”, it was really cool! Next, following with the visit, we walked around the city, through different streets while our guide continued telling us more legends, myths and curiosities. We ended the visit in the Cathedral, which was full of tourists from different nationalities. After that, the teachers gave us about an hour to eat something or take a look to some shops in Zocodover. Finally, we all took the bus to return home from the exiting morning.

In resume, it was a very interesting, curious and enjoyable trip and a really good way to learn something more about our province. Sometimes we don’t need to go too far from our zone to have a great time!”

Marta Baltasar (4ºC):

“We have had an amazing tour around Toledo. I’m sure that all of us have been there, but no one knew the surprising stories that are behind all those places. It’s incredible that Toledo hides a lot of stories like them. We started at “La Puerta de Bisagra” which orginal name was Bab al Shaqra in Muslim. You can also see the monument of Carlos V at the courtyard where the door it’s situated.

We have a walk walking through the streets of Toledo where our guide was explaining us legends of the places where we were, while we were talking. After lots of myths and legends really well explained by the guide, we ended at the town hall square, in front of the Cathedral of Toledo, called “Catedral de Santa María de Toledo”, which is a gothic cathedral of 15th century. Then, our guide explain us the origin of the bell and its story.

Finally we had free time when some of us take advantage of it and went to have lunch. It was a really interesting trip in order to know some stories of the place where we live in!”