Halloween Decorations Contest

At the end of October the English Department organised a contest for 1st to 4th of ESO students. They had to create their own Halloween decorations using a variety of materials and a lot of imagination. They brought their Works to school and they were put up all over the area that is near the Department.

There were posters, witches, ghosts, skulls, spider webs, pumpkins, and other creepy creatures. There was even a cemetery and a haunted hotel. There are extraordinary artists here in IES JUAN DE LUCENA!!!

All the students who participated in the contest received a prize. However, the following students were the winners: EMMA GASCA and LUCÍA HONTANA (1º C/D), ÁLVARO GUÍO (3º), AINOA and SARA (2º PMAR), CARLA DE TORRES (1º C/D), and SARA LOBATO (1º C/D).

Boys and girls: Congratulations because you did an AMAZING job!!!

Fdo. English Department


Hello, my name is Pablo. I’m a student of third year ESO. I am going to talk about the things the students of European Sections did for the Halloween Festival this year.

In the first place, the students of third year, my classmates, showed the video that we had made. It was about an apocalypse of zombies coming to Burujón, La  Puebla and …. THE HIGH SCHOOL!!! At the end of the video they showed the outtakes. We had a lot of fun creating the video!!

In the second place, some girls from the fourth year danced to a song called “EVERYBODY”. Afterwards, the rest of the class performed a play which had the topic of zombies. Then some students dressed up as policemen entered the room and checked that there weren´t any zombies and when they went out the zombies came in and danced to the famous Michael Jackson’s song “THRILLER”.

Thirdly, the first year students did a play about a group of children who went to a house for trick or treating and it was a haunted house. The children were scared and the people of the house killed them.

Finally, the second year students acted out a scene of a Ouija session. Some students participated in the game and the rest were the spirits and the monsters. The spirits killed the students. At the end five students danced to the song “THRILLER”

It was a very rewarding experience and we all had a fantastic time!!

Fdo. Pablo Justo (3º C)